Friday, 24 September 2010

A Busy Term....

The beginning of term has already proved very busy.  We have had tutors coming in for IT training, eight from the Beckhampton Learning Centre for a DTP workshop and fifteen from Family Learning/Extended Schools  for a multi-media workshop.   After the training Paul and Sharon from Family Learning took time to evaluate their tutors’ learning experience with Marie-Line, as well as taking time to discuss with her and Dave the potential use of their iPads for future activities (see photo below).

James, the North Centre’s technician is seen here working with Simon (left) and Dwayne (right) from Djanogly Academy, planning their workshops over the coming weeks with the ICT Diploma students on Apple application development (apps for the iPhone/iPod/iPad devices). 

Testing a games app on the iPad

 We are proud to be working on a pilot scheme to devise games app at diploma level for the first time in the region.  No courses have been devised to engage students in this kind of endeavour.  In the photo below a Year 11 student is working on designing his graphics for his games apps.

Marie-Line went to Windmill Primary to help with the videoconferencing session with Gustave Roch primary school in Nantes (France) as part of the Nantes/Nottingham City School Partnership agreement which was established two years ago,  with 16 primaries and 4 secondaries participating in the partnership.

The aim of the partnership is to foster links between our two countries to promote the global dimension in learning, to improve pupils’ knowledge and understanding of another culture and language, to contextualise their learning of a foreign language have fun with pupils their own age from another country!

The Nantes Académie (the equivalent of Nottingham’s Children Services) has purchased  the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting licence and put it at the Nottingham schools’ disposal for secure web conferencing, sharing of resources, documents and photos live. Below, Jane, Year 4 teacher, is seen chatting with French pupils, in English and French.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

International School Award

Congratulations to Whitemoor Primary and Walter Halls Primary in achieving International School status. The International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme - open to all schools, free of charge - which recognises curriculum-based international work.

“The international dimension in education is an increasingly important part of agendas such as Every Child Matters and Community Cohesion; it supports the cultural heritage of teachers, learners and communities leading to positive learning across schools.” (The ISA)

We are proud to have been involved in this achievement.  Check out this link to find out more about the award:


We have been supporting Jane Daffe (Senior Achievement Team consultant) from the LA and the  four teachers involved in the school linking project  -  Bluecoat and Djanogly (secondary),  Walter Halls and Mellers (primary)  - which is funded by the British Council.  The group went to Jamaica in February and met their partner school’s teachers and pupils.  The visit was important in moving the project forward as the teachers were able to discuss activities,  share best practice, video the school and carry out interviews, do a blog, take lots of photos, as well as experience first hand Jamaican life and enjoy  what this beautiful island has to offer.
The teachers at the e-LC North  planning the reciprocal visit of the Jamaican teachers in October.


After a successful bid to the LinkedUp Award Scheme, we were awarded funding to undertake a mobile technology project with the MFL departments o four schools in Nottingham, Trinity, Fernwood, Bluecoat and Nusa. This autumn term will be spent getting to use the iPad and iPod Touch in lessons and the research findings will then be published next term.

We met up for the first time in the last week of term in July when an iPad workshop was organised at the North Centre in the morning. In the afternoon, the four teachers in the team were given their very own iPad so that they could familiarise themselves with this long awaited device over the holidays. Our second meeting was before term started – we were all eager to share our experiences of using the iPad as well as share tips on which apps we had found useful. Time was taken to discuss the logistics of using these devices in the classroom, such as wireless access, ratio of devices to pupils and safekeeping. The teachers will be given a number of iPads and iPod Touches to use in their lessons which they will keep until the end of the project, rather than share them within the team.

Salome  checking out iTunes and Jude (below) putting
a new iPod Touch through its paces

If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about this MFL project, please contact Marie-Line Antoine

Strictly Come Robot Dancing

Next week sees the launch of the 2010 Strictly Come Robot Dancing Event. We are starting with a course at the South e-Learning Centre where teachers and teaching assistants can come and find out more. We shall explore the 3 aspects of creativity that this event seeks to combine:

Image taken from Picasa album scrd

Designing and making robot costumes
Programming the Femisapien robot using Go Robo software to create dance sequences
Filming the robots performing the programs

The footage and photographs will them be edited to make performance videos. There are still places left on the course so why not contact the centre for more details?

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