Thursday, 4 November 2010

Support for the Fashion Diploma at The Nottingham Academy

I have been supporting Ms Vicinanza-Bedi at The Nottingham Academy to introduce a new level 3 diploma in fashion with KS5 students. Our plans place ICT at the heart of the new course. Students are about to be loaned a netbook to use at school and home, exploring ideas and tools in order to complete work to the highest possible standard. Students are embracing this approach. An example of work is shown below.
Students used Prezi to communicate their analysis of a marketing advert. The one shown here relates to a successful John Lewis campaign. They will then present their thoughts to the rest of the group before creating an advert for their ongoing design work.
Being a part of the e-Learning Centres Netbook loan project means that students have 24/7 use of a computer which should have a positive impact on the quality of work achieved.

Nottingham e-Learning Community is part of Nottingham City Council, Children and Adults