Tuesday, 7 December 2010

shoogleit.com - a new and exciting FREE online tool!

This interactive animation of a sculpture is created in a interesting new online tool that allows you to upload a video, split it into individual frames and add interactivity.

Completed animations can be embedded in websites and blogs (such as this example) and even to ebay! Or you can just leave it on the 'Shoogleit' website and make a link.

Where might this be of use in school?
  • Film art sculpture - adding ICT to art
  • 360 degree photography of classrooms and school facilities
  • Design and Technology projects given an online exhibition - perhaps an interactive textiles show
  • An interactive film of a demonstration in a practical subject - throwing a javelin in PE?
  • Time-lapse photography that the viewer can control - filmed growth in plants
Here is the website - http://www.shoogleit.com/

It seems fairly easy to do. You don't need to download any software as everything is done in the browser. 

It's FREE to use too!
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