Thursday, 15 December 2011

CPD Courses in Spring 2012

Continuing professional development courses on offer at the Nottingham eLearning Centres for the Spring term in 2012.
Contact the centre to find out how you can book individual or discounted bundles of courses.
If you have already purchased courses, click on the 'Book courses' button on the right.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogging support for Fernwood Jnr School

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sample CPD that we have run over the year

Over the year, we have run many courses for continuing professional development (CPD.)
A flavour of these are detailed in the booklets on Issuu shelf below. Click on each booklet to read them.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Crypto Day at Rosslyn Park Primary School

Yesterday year 5 pupils and their teachers at Rosslyn Park School explored different cryptography problems and managed to solve most of them!
Together, in a truly cross curricula way, we explored:

  • numeracy

  • literacy

  • ICT

  • history

  • problem solving strategies and thinking skills.
We also managed to have fun at the same time!

Listen to what the teachers thought in this short video:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Nethergate stay safe on-line......

Nethergate pupils at the e-learning centre used an iPad application to chat online to 'Jessica, aged 8'. Following weekly sessions at the centre they know the importance of not giving out personal information on-line.

The iPad app:-

The students passed the test with flying colours. Was Jessica really 8, and was Jessica really Jessica? Judge for yourself:-

In fact Jessica is really Michael, a student who is working with us this year, and who helped us devise this important e-safety lesson.

Glenbrook video-conference ticks all the boxes!

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, ICT, History and English - how many learning experiences can you cram into one day?
  • A Video Conference with the British Archives looking at crime and punishment for children in Victorian times. This involved discussions with a member of the archive staff and examination of source material.
  • Writing poetry that reflects the experience of young people pressed into crime.
  • Dressing up in period costumes and taking digital photos to put on the computer.
  • Learning to create animated 'talking photos', which perform their creative pieces

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Year 2 from Edna G Olds Primary School design and make model fire engines

Year 2 pupils from Edna G Olds Primary School came to the centre wanting to do a design and technology activity to tie into their topic of The Great Fire of London.

The ever-enthusiastic pupils, did a fantastic job of designing their vehicles using Sketchbook Pro graphics software and digital drawing tablets. They watched as the laser cutter cut out shapes they designed in plywood. Printouts of the designs were cut out and stuck on to the wooden shapes. Then, all parts were assembled, expertly by the pupils, with wheels and axles. If this wasn't enough, they also found time to make Lego Duplo vehicles and test them. All in two frantic, but fun, hours.

Thanks to class teacher Miss Glover for bringing such a wonderful class (and for the photos!)

Thursday, 28 July 2011


During April and May, we had a pair of BlueTits nested in our box and reared 8 Chicks. Here's their story.

We've also purchased some ScoutGuard Wildlife Cameras for schools to borrow as part of the Wildlife in the City Project. If you are a City School and would like to borrow one to see what wildlife visits your school grounds during the day and night, contact Jan on 9152971

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs

I read the blog, Free Technology for Teachers, a great source for ideas on how to make creative use of technology in school. A recent blog post discusses different purposes for using classroom blogs.
Free Technology for Teachers: Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Autumn timetable of CPD and training events

The e-Learning Centre continues to offer an exciting and varied range of INSET and training courses. 
Here is our autumn programme.
As always, if the dates of a course are inconvenient, then let us know and we can arrange another session. Also, if you would like some customised CPD for yourself, a department or whole school, then do get in touch and we'll try to sort something out for you.

Primary INSET opportunities - creative teaching and learning

The e-Learning Centres' Creative Technologies INSET days for Primary schools will give your school an opportunity to immerse all staff in practical applications of using technology around the school in creative and engaging ways.

As an example of an organised INSET, a day at the eLearning Centre (or your school, if preferred) could include concurrently running workshops on a wide variety of topics such as e-safety, digital creativity or using blogs in the classroom. INSET days may be on specific themes to fit in with your school plan. Workshops will be small and include curriculum ideas and resources to take away.

INSET days are designed to be entirely flexible to meet your school's needs. We aim to provide opportunities for all staff, including teaching assistants, teachers, senior leaders, office and other support staff. Workshops are adapted to match the confidence and skill levels of those attending.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Webcam News

Over the last few weeks, we have seen, once again, bluetits nesting in our camera nestbox. Nest building began on the 9th April and by the 28th we have 10 eggs with the female spending her time incubating them. To see some of the images and videos taken from the camera click on the image above to link to the wildlife blog, or go to to visit the live webcams

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Celebrate all that is great in your school with a wall hanging!

Langley Mill Infant and Nursery School have done just that. A consultant worked in the school for a special textiles day when pupils and their teachers worked on a variety of techniques to create squares for this wall hanging. A Church of England School, this banner proudly displays symbols of Christian faith.

The techniques used included sewing with wire on laser cut templates, digital photography and creating designs in Grid Magic which were then sublimated onto fabric.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New CPD courses

As part of our new working arrangements with schools from and beyond Nottingham, we have put together a programme of e-learning CPD courses.
In person - contact us at the centre for more information and booking on courses.
Online - click the pink button on the right or click here.

You can view a brochure of the full range of our courses here.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

3D Printing

A recent online BBC article about the emergence of low cost 3D printing (or rapid prototyping) discussed how inexpensive machines are being used by hobbyists and (very) small scale manufacturers to 'print' physical objects in plastic.

The RapMan model is sold in kit form for around £1000. It is clear that Design and Technology departments in schools are starting to buy these machines too. The alternative, commercial machines are prohibitively expensive for most schools.
RapMan 3D Printer form BitsFromBytes
Image from BitsFromBytes website

These machines offer a fantastic opportunity to realise physical objects made from their 3D cad designs. There are many websites springing up to compliment this low-cost area of manufacturing, many of which have great examples to get started on and lesson ideas.

I've put list of links to CADCAM resources, websites and free software here - CADCAM

Friday, 28 January 2011

Blue Bell Hill create their Community Ranger newspaper

Students from Blue Bell Hill Primary School visited the e-Learning Centre with their teacher Nic Williams to create a newspaper on January 26th. They based their paper on the work they have been doing as Community Rangers in St Ann’s. The teachers and students worked really hard creating articles and finding suitable graphics. They then followed their “house style” to create a really professional newspaper. I hope you agree?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Using Gridmagic Software to explore Andy Warhol techniques.

I opened an email from a teacher at Milford Primary School with this question:


This led to a flurry of emails culminating in my working in the school for a morning, leading a session where students did exactly that! The enjoyment and sense of achievement amongst the students was palpable. Throughout the session I worked closely with the teacher ensuring that she was confident with the software we used and that she would be able to extend students in subsequent sessions.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Keep on blogging

Our website at the Nottingham eLearning Centre is created using the Blogger platform (as you can tell from the white 'B' on the orange background up there in the corner.) We have been investigating blogging services for a while now, and have assisted some schools and individual teachers in creating their own.

Here is one:

A good blog seems to be replacing standard websites as the main destination site in many schools, for lots of good reasons:
  • Websites are very difficult to update, unless you are a website designer and have lots of time.
  • Websites go out of date quickly.
  • Adding video and pictures can be very difficult to do.
  • Websites are usually left up to one person to update.
  • Blogs can be updated just as easily as sending an email.
  • The look of the blog can be altered quickly with little effort.
  • You can easily add video and photo slide shows on blogs.
  • A number of people in the school can log in to the blog and add information.
  • The school administrator could be responsible for whole school information, class teachers can set up specific class pages (or linked new blogs), subject coordinators and heads of departments could create pages for their subject.
  • The blog can be accessed, edited and viewed from any computer.
Blogs may be seen as being not quite as secure as more traditional websites. This is changing now that there are many security measures in place , which are more than sufficient for school uses. Features such as moderation (or removing) of comments under posts stop any unwanted 'spam' or unwelcome comments.

Some blog services great for education - Google owned, always free and lots of modification - free, less modification, looks very professional - based on wordpress, designed for education, small costs for schools - new kid on the block, free, easiest of the bunch to use, many great features

Help from the eLearning Centres
Our consultants can help you set up your school/department/club/class blog. We can get you started, show you you key features and get your blog up and running in a matter of a couple of hours. Contact the Centre for more information and to arrange a time.
Nottingham e-Learning Community is part of Nottingham City Council, Children and Adults