Thursday, 28 July 2011


During April and May, we had a pair of BlueTits nested in our box and reared 8 Chicks. Here's their story.

We've also purchased some ScoutGuard Wildlife Cameras for schools to borrow as part of the Wildlife in the City Project. If you are a City School and would like to borrow one to see what wildlife visits your school grounds during the day and night, contact Jan on 9152971

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs

I read the blog, Free Technology for Teachers, a great source for ideas on how to make creative use of technology in school. A recent blog post discusses different purposes for using classroom blogs.
Free Technology for Teachers: Three Purposes for Classroom Blogs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Autumn timetable of CPD and training events

The e-Learning Centre continues to offer an exciting and varied range of INSET and training courses. 
Here is our autumn programme.
As always, if the dates of a course are inconvenient, then let us know and we can arrange another session. Also, if you would like some customised CPD for yourself, a department or whole school, then do get in touch and we'll try to sort something out for you.

Primary INSET opportunities - creative teaching and learning

The e-Learning Centres' Creative Technologies INSET days for Primary schools will give your school an opportunity to immerse all staff in practical applications of using technology around the school in creative and engaging ways.

As an example of an organised INSET, a day at the eLearning Centre (or your school, if preferred) could include concurrently running workshops on a wide variety of topics such as e-safety, digital creativity or using blogs in the classroom. INSET days may be on specific themes to fit in with your school plan. Workshops will be small and include curriculum ideas and resources to take away.

INSET days are designed to be entirely flexible to meet your school's needs. We aim to provide opportunities for all staff, including teaching assistants, teachers, senior leaders, office and other support staff. Workshops are adapted to match the confidence and skill levels of those attending.

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