Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Crypto Day at Rosslyn Park Primary School

Yesterday year 5 pupils and their teachers at Rosslyn Park School explored different cryptography problems and managed to solve most of them!
Together, in a truly cross curricula way, we explored:

  • numeracy

  • literacy

  • ICT

  • history

  • problem solving strategies and thinking skills.
We also managed to have fun at the same time!

Listen to what the teachers thought in this short video:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Nethergate stay safe on-line......

Nethergate pupils at the e-learning centre used an iPad application to chat online to 'Jessica, aged 8'. Following weekly sessions at the centre they know the importance of not giving out personal information on-line.

The iPad app:-

The students passed the test with flying colours. Was Jessica really 8, and was Jessica really Jessica? Judge for yourself:-

In fact Jessica is really Michael, a student who is working with us this year, and who helped us devise this important e-safety lesson.

Glenbrook video-conference ticks all the boxes!

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, ICT, History and English - how many learning experiences can you cram into one day?
  • A Video Conference with the British Archives looking at crime and punishment for children in Victorian times. This involved discussions with a member of the archive staff and examination of source material.
  • Writing poetry that reflects the experience of young people pressed into crime.
  • Dressing up in period costumes and taking digital photos to put on the computer.
  • Learning to create animated 'talking photos', which perform their creative pieces

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Year 2 from Edna G Olds Primary School design and make model fire engines

Year 2 pupils from Edna G Olds Primary School came to the centre wanting to do a design and technology activity to tie into their topic of The Great Fire of London.

The ever-enthusiastic pupils, did a fantastic job of designing their vehicles using Sketchbook Pro graphics software and digital drawing tablets. They watched as the laser cutter cut out shapes they designed in plywood. Printouts of the designs were cut out and stuck on to the wooden shapes. Then, all parts were assembled, expertly by the pupils, with wheels and axles. If this wasn't enough, they also found time to make Lego Duplo vehicles and test them. All in two frantic, but fun, hours.

Thanks to class teacher Miss Glover for bringing such a wonderful class (and for the photos!)

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