Thursday, 23 August 2012

ICT Co-ordinators Conference 10 October 2012

This year's ICT Co-ordinators Conference is structured to complement the new ICT framework (EYFS to KS3) being promoted by NAACE. Third Millennium Learning NAACE.

The Conference will provide clear guidance on how teaching and learning in ICT is changing with practical guidance on how school ICT leaders can implement ideas in the classroom.

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The conference features keynote speakers, who will inform us of current national priorities and identify opportunities for implementing these in school. There will be workshop sessions based on themes in NAACE's 'Five Areas of the ICT Framework'. All of the workshops will identify simple ways to structure teaching and learning in the five areas.

The Five Areas of the ICT Framework

  • Digital literacy
  • Skills
  • Technology in the world
  • Technological understanding
  • Safe and responsible use
Follow-up twilight sessions will be held throughout the year at the e-Learning Centre in Top Valley. Each session will cover the five areas of the NAACE Framework in more detail. Anyone from your school may attend these follow-up sessions.

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