Monday, 21 September 2015

Do you use a classroom management tool?

These are more commonly found in Secondary Schools where the ability to take control of pupil screens at key moments in a lesson improves concentration and structures focus. However, different advantages can be derived from the software in Primary Schools. Mellors Primary School have been exploring a product called Vision Pro from a company called Netop. Click here for more details. Some of the features of this software include:

  • Lessons can be more pacey if websites and files are sent to pupils’ computers rather than waiting for them to load them. It is much easier to manage short focussed activities if the teacher can initiate them.
  • The teacher can switch on/off computers at the start of a lesson and ensure that all machines are turned off at the end of the day. The teacher can also watch what a pupil is doing on their screen remotely without their knowledge.
  • A pupil machine can be showcased to other pupils. This is an opportunity to raise self esteem and also acts as a motivational force. It also means that peer assessment is easy to manage.
  • There are a variety of other useful features: locking pupil machines when required and taking control of the screen and demonstrating some work on them.

Until recently the cost of software that would do all this has been prohibitive, however this software does not have an annual charge and is considerably cheaper than the competitors. Mellors Primary School are really pleased with it. If you are looking to put teachers in control when teaching using computers and other 1-1 devices then this may be something that you’d like to consider.  
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