Friday, 20 November 2015

The Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine

Did you know:

  • 74% OF 8-11 year olds have access to a tablet at home
  • 57% of four year olds use tablets and smartphones
  • By age 8 children begin to consume online media on a regular basis

The latest edition of Digital Parenting Magazine is now available; earlier editions are also available online. It will help parents to understand the latest internet safety issues from netiquette to extremism, age ratings to consent. It is a glossy magazine, professionally presented and laid out. It is full of expert advice and can stimulate parents to look at the issues that affect their children when using online devices. It also offers different strategies to use to help keep their children safe.

The latest edition helps parents get to grips with age appropriate technology choices and demystifies the tools and settings available on different services and platforms. It could also be used to stimulate a discussion in class.

Schools can register for free copies by clicking here

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