Friday, 12 February 2016


We started the digital leader group 2 years ago at Rufford Primary School. The members are drawn from each class in KS2. It’s interesting to see how pupils from different year groups work together and learn from each other. The original members were chosen by teachers but we have switched to having an open application system and hopeful Digital Leaders (DLs) are interviewed by a panel of pupils. Using this method, we have just recruited 6 new members.

The responsibilities of digital leaders are to help teachers, pupils and visitors with any IT problems they might have. They are skilled at connecting computers and tablets to the various boards and LCD panels around school. We meet after school once a week where we explore different things. This year we started by looking at online quiz tools. Each DL made a resource and delivered it in their classrooms. We have also learnt about cryptography and made some videos using greenscreen technology. Next half term we will be using the sublimation equipment to make mugs and trying out the codebots.

It’s a privilege to be a digital leader. It’s also a privilege for me to work with them. They are a lively, articulate and committed group. I see them grow in confidence as they learn new skills and contribute to the school community by helping others.  If you haven’t started a group at your own school then give it a go. Yes, it’s extra work, but the benefits more than outweigh this.

I hope you will find time to watch the videos that they have made. We welcome feedback and any suggestions you might have.
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