Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Teachers work too hard!

School holidays are a great time to start thinking about the new school year. It occurs to me that most people have a period of reflection on December 31st when we look back on the year just ending, work out what was gone well and, perhaps, what could have been improved on. We make resolutions for the new year to help us in the drive to make the next year even better than the one just ending.

As teachers we have an additional opportunity for this process of evaluation and quest for improvement because in our planning for September ( Nottingham we return in August) we do exactly the same thing. Teachers are amongst the most reflective of all professionals, always striving for more from themselves and constantly looking for ways to communicate in interesting and exciting ways.

For those people out there who still think that teachers spend six weeks somewhere exotic every Summer without a thought for their work I can verify that this isn't the case; I have a steady stream of emails from teachers throughout the break asking for advice or wanting to book a session with me. 

To every teacher I have worked with last year I congratulate you on the amazing work you do everyday in the classroom. You deserve a fantastic holiday.
Please stop emailing me and thinking about work!
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