Friday, 16 December 2016

Website Spoofing in Year 5

As adults we are aware that some websites are not what they pretend to be. When shopping online we check the validity of sites and the record of marketplace traders. We have learnt to recognise whether or not a government shop is what it claims to be. We use safety precautions when accessing our banks online. 

In order to help our pupils be more aware of internet falsehoods we looked at some spoof sites. My favourites are and Pupils were all initially completely convinced by these sites: Knowing that so many spoof websites exist will help pupils be aware that some websites are not what they pretend to be and help them to stay safe online in the future.

All pupils in year 5 then created a spoof website. We used Weebly Education, a free tool with teacher management, to create and host the sites. Pupils are really proud of what they have achieved in a relatively short time.

These links will let you look at some of their sites. I hope you enjoy them. Remember, the products that they advertise are not available for sale and that penguins don’t really like eating Big Macs and going on holiday in Spain!

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