Derby Schools Hub

The Derby Schools Hub is a group of Primary Schools who meet each half term to discuss different Computing topics. So far we have looked at Scratch and Scratch Junior programming, animation and video topics.
We are based at St James Junior School near the Arboretum in the City and welcome new schools to join us. Our meetings are on Wednesday afternoons 1330-1600.
The cost works out at £50 per session. For schools that join us by committing to all the sessions there are opportunities to borrow equipment for no extra charge; 2 schools have already borrowed a set of ipads to try out some of the ideas discussed in a session.

Our current programme is:

Wed 22 June
Digital literacy: Video and animation using ipads and pcs. There will be a strong focus on ipads in this session. Also pc. If your school uses Android tablets then please bring one with you. KS1 will be included.
iPads available for loan after this session. Let me know if you would like to try a set.
Wed 21 September
Gadget Day!
Programming: code bugs and crumble for KS2. Bluebots (and ipads) for KS1.
Lego wedo: Y2-Y6 and lego mechanisms Y1-Y2
Robots? Probots? If you use a device please bring it.
Get equipment out of a cupboard and use it.
Wed 2 November
How computers work: what should we be teaching? We shall explore a scheme of work that you can roll out in your schools. Y1-6.
We'll also try some of the lesson activities eg. binary, packet switching,
Wed 11 January
eSafety: A teaching focus. We shall prepare for safer internet day (Tues 7 Feb). Assemblies. Differentiated activities for different year groups.
Wed 22 February
Websites to enrich what you do…share a site that you use. We shall focus on web searching, URLs, creating your own website. Elements of safety and computer theory will be included.
We shall also look at making a bigger presence in the classroom with your tablet.  

If you would like to join us please email me
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