Community Projects

This page will showcase some of the projects that we are involved in.

Rufford Primary School in Nottingham use our consultant placement service to fund a consultant in their school for a day each week. One of the innovations introduced in school is a team of pupil digital leaders. They meet regularly to explore aspects of IT. They share a love of all things technical together with a desire to share their knowledge enthusiastically with other people.

Recently they have led a training session for teachers and TAs on different iPad computing apps. "I can't believe we're teaching teachers" was frequently overheard, but they did and they did it brilliantly.

They also explore new equipment. This video shows how they explored the new blue bots from TTS and then shared their new expertise with some year 2 pupils.

Elsewhere on this site there was a post about a transport day for KS1 pupils. This video of the day shows how a video call was incorporated into a day for all KS1 pupils. If you'd like more information about getting started with Lync or using it in the classroom please contact me.

We want to make a difference. Recently a former colleague, now working at Nethergate Special School, received news of a pupil:

Way back in July 2002, a friend was hosting a 17-year-old Spanish exchange student, José, for the summer.  I took him to the North e-Learning Centre for a couple of days to show him the brand new recording studio facilities and he showed, in particular, a keen interest in using one of the (original!) iMacs to edit a video using iMovie.

As well as visiting the e-Learning Centre, José had a tour of College Street and spent some time with Dan Lounds who showed him around the studio there and let him do a little bit of mixing. 

Anyway, out of the blue, José got back in touch last week to say ‘hello’, and it turns out his brief experience using iMovie in the centre (and visiting College Street) inspired him to study multi-media at university! …He then progressed to working as a camera operator, and then as an assistant director for TeleMadrid (while doing a PhD) and, finally, promoted into his current job in 2013 as the worldwide Broadcast Manager for the International Paralympic Committee!!! Blimey!!!

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